The Merchants Hardwood Yard


ADAPTABILITY … to changes in markets, grading standards and resource – this has been the key driver of success in the industry for go-ahead family business Thora Wholesale Timbers. The Brisbane-based company, operated by the Towerton family, opened its timber yard at 22 Richland Avenue, Coopers Plains in November 1993, with an idea to market the F14 hardwood production from Thora Saw milling. This is along-established mill between Bellingen and Dorrigo in northern New South Wales.

The original plan was to wholesale stock packs to merchants. However, after a period of about three years, market conditions changed and merchants moved away from ordering stock packs. New requirements saw Thora Wholesale Timbers assembling custom orders for merchants to combine with the products (pineframingetc) that they were stocking, along with various engineered products–all for delivery to merchants or their customers.. This change – pack lots to piece orders – demanded more space and relocation to the company’s present address 76 Richland Avenue, Coopers Plains.

With this change came the company slogan, ‘The Merchants Hardwood Yard’ – and the ability to further process the timber. The ensuing years saw the purchase of different pieces of equipment, such as a saw bench for the production of spotted gum weatherboards; a moulder for sizing, dressing and pencil round dressing; two dockers,one capable of docking up to 200 x 200 and one automatic/chalk line docker for repetition work.

The equipment also included a paling topping machine for the production of colonial, Windsor and gothic profile palings. Now as a specialist supplier of unseasoned hardwood to merchants, Thora Wholesale Timbers has grown with its supply of hardwood stocking BlackButt and Queensland spotted gum and Ironbark.