The Merchants Hardwood Yard

Our Services

Lead Times – we offer a 24 hour to 48 hour order fulfilment for most orders. We can respond quicker than that when you require us to.

Delivery – we offer FIS for the Brisbane metro, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions. We also can arrange fixed price crane truck delivery to your customers job site

Order Size – All products are available in either pack quantities or job lot piece orders.

Dressing – any order can be dressed to any nominated finished size

– hardwood orders can be sized in width or thickness or both.

Dressed and Pencil Round
– if required, all framing orders can be supplied dressed all round with eased edges.

Odd Sizes
-  orders for any non standard sizes can be sawn from larger standard sizes.

Docking – any order can be supplied accurately docked to nominated lengths.

Contract Machining – We offer a facility to rip or dress your timber if needed.

Feature Top Palings – We can top our palings or your palings in the following features. Gothic, Paddle Pop, Colonial, Picket and Windsor top.

Profiles – Ask us if we can profile your timber, no job to difficult